Author = Assadullah Khadivi
Number of Articles: 9
2. A study of the relationship between managers’ emotional intelligence with their self- efficacy and mental health

Volume 5, Issue 19, Autumn 2012, Pages 127-141

Jafar Beikzad; Assadullah Khadivi; Alireza Hosseinpoor Sonboly; Raheleh Mohammadnezhad Asll

3. The effects of the study methods on high school students’ academic achievement in Bonab

Volume 5, Issue 18, Summer 2012, Pages 13-26

Asadallah Khadivi; Ali Nagi Agdasi; Mahnaz Samadian

9. The Relationship between Managhers' Progression Motivation and their Organizational Effectiveness in High-Schools

Volume 1, Issue 1, Winter 2008, Pages 39-72

Assadollah Khadivi; Roughaie Alijani Farid