Number of Articles: 435

1. The educational needs analysis of family educational programs of the pupils' parents in District 1 of Tabriz

Volume 7, Issue 26, Summer 2014, Pages 7-24

Fatemeh Najaflouy; Mohammad Reza Falsafinejad; Magsud Rasouli

4. Presenting a model for rectors’ selection in Islamic Azad university branches based on Fuzzy logic

Volume 3, Issue 11, Summer 2010, Pages 7-28

Mostafa Ejtehadi; Ali Reza Bafandeh Zendeh; Nader Gholi Ghourchian; Parivash Jafari; Behnam Talebi

7. The Relationship between Child-Rearing Practices and Academic achievement of Guidance School Students of Ilkhechi

Volume 3, Issue 10, Summer 2010, Pages 7-21

Mansoor Bayrami; Jafar Bahadori Khosroshahi

8. An Investigation of Relationship between Organizational Climate and Management Performance of Primary Schools in Urmia City

Volume 1, Issue 1, Winter 2008, Pages 7-38

Ali Naghi Aghdasi; Shahin Samari; Seif Ali Bageri

9. Relationship between Organizational Justice and Organizational Commitment with Job Satisfaction among Exceptional Schools Teachers of Bandar Abbas

Volume 2, Issue 5, Winter 2009, Pages 7-33

Shapour Amin Shayan Jahrom Amin Shayan Jahromi; Moslem Salehi; Javad Imani

10. An Evaluation of Iranian Junior High Schools‛ English Textbooks Using FOG Readability Index and Survey from Experienced Teachers

Volume 2, Issue 7, Summer 2009, Pages 7-31

Davood Hosseini Nassab; Farahman Farrokhi; Jhila Morsali

11. The Effect of Mindfulness-Based Techniques in Reduction of Students Test Anxiety

Volume 2, Issue 6, Spring 2009, Pages 7-33

Bahram Asle Fattahi; Yusef Karimi

12. A study of relationship between strees and manager’s productivity in Tabriz

Volume 1, Issue 2, Spring 2008, Pages 7-40

Soleyman Iranzadeh; Allahverdi Hosseynzadeh; Amir Barghi

13. The six sigma and lean management Approaches in education

Volume 1, Issue 3, Summer 2008, Pages 7-40

parivash Jafari,; sohrab Yazdani,

14. A survey and comparison of students’ satisfaction from the educational Quality in Islamic Azad University in Tabriz

Volume 1, Issue 4, Autumn 2008, Pages 7-42

Majid Bagerzadeh Khajeh; Jalal Meftahi khajeh

18. The effect of sensory integration exercises on the sensory profile of children with dyslexia and dysgraphia

Volume 7, Issue 28, Autumn 2014, Pages 9-20

Mansouehi Din; Ali Naghi Aghdasi; Golam Reza Gol Mohammad Nejad

20. Instructional needs assessment of personnel educational services of Tabriz Islamic Azad University

Volume 7, Issue 25, Summer 2014, Pages 13-28

Mina Khodayari; Seyyed Davoud Hossini Nasab; Jahangir Yari

22. The effects of the study methods on high school students’ academic achievement in Bonab

Volume 5, Issue 18, Summer 2012, Pages 13-26

Asadallah Khadivi; Ali Nagi Agdasi; Mahnaz Samadian

23. A comparison of children's behavior problems among mothers with high and low emotional intelligence

Volume 6, Issue 24, Autumn 2013, Pages 13-24

Romina Golchin; Seyyed Davoud Hosseini-Nasab