Aims and Scope

Publishing scientific – research articles and presenting research findings in order to publish theoretical and applied views, findings, and patterns regarding the related areas in instruction and evaluation based on valid research methodology.

  • Promoting research and institutionalizing it in the areas related to instruction and evaluation.
  • Improving the scientific and applied information in instruction & evaluation.
  • Paving the way for establishing the relationship between researchers & scientific research centers, transforming, extending and publishing new information and findings research network.
  • Presenting new ideas in order to meet the scientific & research needs of the country in instruction and evaluation.
  • Benefiting from the new scientific and research achievement in order to enhance scientific knowledge of those interested.
  • Providing information in the areas of instruction and evaluation and avoiding similar activities in the country.
  • Expanding the relearn of knowledge in instruction and evaluation.
  • In this journal, any type of plagiarism or unethical behavior will lead to the exclusion of the manuscript from the reviewing process.
  • This code of conduct has been prepared to determine the responsibilities of the authors, editor-in-chief, editorial board members and reviewers.